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Engage your students and help improve their learning, behaviour and attendance using positive behaviour management. Encourage them to become more active members of your school community.

A praise and reward system can help to establish a positive ethos in your school by recognising the good behaviour and effort of pupils. It is the recognition of good behaviour that encourages your students.

School Reward System can help you to...

Reduce workload:

  • As a school you can set thresholds for merits to automatically generate certificates / vouchers without need for extra work by your administration staff.
  • Data population from SIMS which transfers teacher / pupil / class information reduces the data load for your ICT department.
  • Your teachers can give merits to a whole class online in seconds

Engage parents as well as pupils:

  • Pupil and parental logins to the secure website gives your school extra online reporting.
  • Your schools’ self-designed certificates / vouchers can be viewed online and printed by your pupils.

School Reward System will give your teachers a tool in the classroom for increasing the motivation of your pupils by rewarding them for good effort, good work, and good behaviour.

It will allow you to implement a strategy to recognise and reward your students’ participation in enriching activities, extra-curricular clubs and being good citizens in the community.

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